About us

Maketo, Nikkei cuisine proposal, with street features, urban, with intense flavors and with dyes of a quite personal family heritage. Now the restaurant Bao? it is also incorporated into Maketo and the space becomes a small street that houses both concepts.

Our plates

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers Asian Street Food, Maketo is an excellent option.

You can find us in Miraflores, La Molina, San Borja or Pueblo Libre.

It is the perfect option to enjoy good food and a good atmosphere with friends. The place is decorated with wild drawings on the wall in the Asian style. Some options that you will find on their menu are Gyozas, Nigiri sushi, makis, Ebi Korokke, Burgers and more.

We attend

We are waiting for you from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 21:30

Locate us

Av Mariscal La Mar 830, Miraflores

Calle 7 168, Pueblo Libre

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Call us to our Whatsapp numbers